Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Your Baby can read," Really??? Yup!

When Zoe was about 9 months old we purchased "Your Baby Can Read" system. I had done my research on the program and thought based on what I had found it was pretty legit with good substantial data to back up the program. One of the big things they said was that young children learn the spoken language at a very young age, why can't they learn the written language at the same time. So that is basically what this system does. Teaches both written and spoken language to small children at the same time. Plus their brains are on fire at this time so they are just eat up the information. So I thought, well it is something positive to do with Zoe so I started the program. It came with five dvd's and a serious of flash cards and books. We started and month after month I didn't think anything was sinking in, she still wasn't reading. THEN... finally about August/September time, she just blew up. She started reading and signing the words. I taught her signs for the words because she couldn't say the words and she totally used the signs to communicate that she new the words!! This video was taken a little while ago. Now she can almost say all the words on the flash cards, and she is learning more and more words every day. This is nuts, but it works. Some times she doesn't want to read the words like she chooses when she will do it, but most the time she will say the word out loud or do the sign after looking just at the word.

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Jen Richards said...

Seriously?! This is amazing!! But if any baby can do it, it would be little Zoe. Miss you guys!