Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Photos and Updates

Here are some random photos of Zoe and I taken in the past couple of months. She is a blast to be with. So interactive and hilarious! Her and I are little buddies. She goes where ever I go. Recently though she has started to get a little tired of her stroller, uh oh. Yeah, thats no good cause that is our transportation. So a funny story about Zoe, last weekend I decided to take her on an errand in the baby bjorn carrier instead of her stroller (she was sick of being in there), anyway she was right in front right below my chin. She was flaring her arms and kicking her legs in excitement. But the funny part was that she was literally yelling DA DA DA DA as we walked down the street! Everyone was staring at me and I just smiled! It was a short trip, I didn't want to draw too much attention to us, besides the fact that she was really heavy and my shoulders were killing me! But seriously, she is a chatter box! She has learned to say "HI," or sometimes "Hiya," to EVERYONE!! It is so cute. I taught her one day and she says it to everyone now! She is crawling all over the place now. She started crawling on March 26th when she was 10 months. She also is standing up on things and she pulls up on her knees and dances! It is hilarious. She also knows that we are in her same room, so Scott and I have relocated our bedroom to the living room for now, at least just to sleep in. I get much better sleep in a different room.
Update on her eyes: so she has been wearing her contact for about a month now, she is doing well with it. I have had to put it in and take it out. That is a very difficult process. Her eye always seems to be red around the edges from all the touching. It makes me feel sad, but I know it is for her own good. We go back to the doctor in May so we will see what he says. For now I am done dilating her good eye (to help her bad eye work harder), and so we will hope and pray that she uses both eyes.