Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We love our NYC APT!

To the left is the veiw from our front room window. It looks up Broadway into Time Square!! New Years was awesome last year.

This is what the view from our roof deck looks like. We have fallen in LOVE with Central Park! It is our place of solace! The trees are very green now, but soon to change!

The beautiful sunsets of the NYC are the tapestries of our window that faces west. We are so lucky! We had to snap a picture of this one, it was breathtaking. Of coarse pictures never do our views justice.

St. Martain, yeah baby!

Scott and I went to St. Martain for a week and a half Aug.24-Sept.2. It was SO relaxing, just what we needed!

This was in Anguilla as the sun set, it was super romantic!!!

Scott and I went on an excursion to Creole Rock. We drove our own little boats like this one and snorkled in the clear blue water. It was incredible, we saw sting rays, baracuda, jelly fish, and tons of tropical fish!
We went to Anguilla, which is an island 45 minute boat ride from St. Martain. It was AMAZING! It had the white powder like sand and clear aqua colored water, it was like a scene from a post card!