Monday, September 23, 2013

Cutties Pa Tutties!

New Life!

Holy Smokes! It has been SOOO long. I basically have a NEW LIFE! I have a new house, new baby (well not so new 8.5 months), new job (for both Scott and I), and well basically a new life! I stopped blogging a year and a half ago because my life got tooooo crazy. ALL the major stresses that most people have in a life time happened to us all in 2012 in this order:
February: Moved across the country
March: Scott's Dad passes away
March-October: Built our first home- coming from never having lived in a home, it was stressful!
May- Scott starts his new Job at Wasatch Advisors
February-October: We are living with family
August: I start a new job at The Tree House Athletic Club
September: Zoe starts her first year of preschool
October- move in to our new home, Scott leaves the next day for 3 weeks to South Africa
January 3rd: Our baby boy Brock was born, (4 weeks later, Scott leaves again for 3 weeks).
Needless to say, our lives changed in SO many ways it has taken me months to recover, and honestly, I am still trying to get a grip!
Brock is now 8.5 months and is a total BOY. He is already speed crawling and is standing up on things and even standing on his own. Zoe started her second year of preschool and is doing well. She is getting to know the neighbor hood girls and is still into princesses. She LOVES her brother So much but almost too much. She is such a tease and loves to get a rise out of him. I am left alone ALOT, with Scott's new job. Scott is a international investment analyst. He meets with companies in emerging markets specifically financial companies to see if they want to buy their stock. He loves his job, it is his dream job. I am happy for him. Although, my new life is harder now that he has this job. I am left alone  to take care of the kids for weeks by my self. He also has a side business that takes him away from us as well, OH and we now live on a golf course, so, I also share my husband with a game called GOLF! Although, my new life is harder now that he has this job. I am slowly getting used to it. As for me,  I am teaching spin and xtreme (TRX/RIP/weights/cardio), at the Tree House.  It is super fun but busy. My goal is to start blogging again, just to keep a record of my life and maybe share some fitness tips along the way, random I know, but it is my passion.