Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day off!

This was a beautiful summer day in Central Park. We all had so much fun running and playing in Sheep's Meadow. Scott had been working SO much, like he hadn't come home before 11pm every night and worked every weekend, so this particular day he finally had a day off and we took advantage! I actually have become used to the work hours and it is no big deal now. Scott on the other hand, well I know he would rather be with us, but that is life. The nice thing about living in NYC though is that pretty much everyone works crazy hours, so it is just the normal. You don't feel bad for yourself because there is always someone that had it worse off, it just our life. After five years of living here, there are things you just call normal now, and work hours are one of those things. Some of the other "normalities" in NYC are walking everywhere, small spaces, hearing the news 24/7, wearing heals and skinny jeans on the weekends, eating at awesome restaurants, paying more for EVERYTHING, hearing sirens at all hours of the night or day, and finally sleeping on a couch bed (which is a luxury vs. an air mattress) All you New Yorker mom's and dad's you know exactly what I am talking about!

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