Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYC- half Marathon- March 20th

I ran my first half marathon in March! It was really cool. We went around Central Park and then down through Times Square and then down the Hudson High way. It was super cool, I did much better then I expected I finished in 1 hour and 38 minutes! The training was tuff in the cold freezing wet whether, but it paid off. Here is hoping I get into the NYC marathon!

Suprise Birthday for Scott!

I threw Scott a surprise 30th Birthday party! His birthday was March 2nd and we were in Naples so I thought I would surprise him and have friend party. We went to dinner and our friends were there waiting for him!
I made this cake for our relief society birthday party. I got Scott an entire cheesecake from Cheesecake factory! It was the one thing he wanted for his birthday and so I got it for him and he loved it!

Miami March 2011

Katie and Jeff had a play ground on their Island they lived on. Zoe loved playing at the playground. She also loved the water fountain that she could run through. It was one of those ones that turns on and off. One time she was running across and it came on right when she was in the middle! She froze and then ran as fast as she can to get out of the flow, it was hilarious!
Buddies! Baby Izzy made a HUGE impression on Zoe. She still (months later) asks about Baby Izzy. She asks me where she is and then mumbles stuff I can't understand. She also named her "build a bear" doggy Baby Izzy Dog! She LOVES baby Izzy!
Zoe was in heaven at the beach! She loved playing in the sand and running in the water. We also found jelly fish which she loved touching. She still asks if she can go to the beach!
We got to feed the giraffes at the Miami Zoo!! It was Amazing! The Miami Zoo was AMAZING! It is my favorite Zoo yet. Zoe even grabbed some lettuce and fed them herself!
Ritz Carlton in Miami- we spent the day there and it was beautiful.
Miami had so many cool out door shopping and restaurant places. This was one of them, it was fun to walk down and see the shops.
Miami Beach
Miami Zoo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Naples, Florida March

So back in March we went to Naples, Florida for a conference Scott had to go to and we had SO much fun. Our good friends Katie and Jeff Wood were able to meet up with us and stay with us in Naples which was super fun and then Katie, Izzi, Zoe and I hung out all week! We were lucky enough to stay at the Ritz one night and then the rest of the time at The Naples Grand Waldorf Astoria. They were both amazing hotels with amazing pools and amenities. We even got upgraded to a sweet at the Naples Grand! We all had a blast in the pool especially Zoe because she was able to run in and out like a beach. There was a water slide that we went on too. It was so fun having Katie and Izzi to keep us company. Zoe LOVED "baby Izzi," she was so sweet to her. She still asks for baby Izzi, in fact, she named her stuffed dog baby Izzi!
Scott celebrated his 30th there and for that we were able to go out to dinner at an amazing restaurant called Trulucks. We had amazing sea food there, it was such a treat for us to go out on vacation, it was all thanks to Katie for watching Zoe! Thanks Katie!
So the first night we were there, we had a fun dinner at the Ritz on the beach and then all came back and stuffed into one King bed, as you can see in the picture above! NO JUST KIDDING, we had separate beds but it was like we were having a big old slumber party with 6 of us in the same room! Zoe was taking up the bathroom so if nature called during the night, too bad! We then headed off to the Naples Grand Resort where we spent most of our time. Scott was at the conference most of the time (and by conference I mean, eating out, golfing and going to some meetings), while Katie the babies and I played in the pool. One day we met some really cute little girls that played with Zoe and Izzi so cute. Katie and I got to have some time to just chill and that was SO fun. I just LOVE Naples, Florida it is one of my favorite places to go in Florida because it is such a nice town. There is a super cute downtown area with fun shops and really good restaurants and every one is so nice (mostly retired people from the mid west), so they love kids and are so patient. The resort was beautiful where we spent most of our time so that made the trip so nice and relaxing. After we left Naples we headed across the peninsula to Miami to stay with Katie and Jeff. There will be more pictures to come of that.

Monday, April 4, 2011