Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grateful...Today and Some day!

I am not sure if it is all the time I have been spending in my apartment with a sick kid that has got me thinking of all the things I hopefully will be grateful for some day or, if it is just having lived in NYC for a while now that has made me appreciate the small things most people take for granted. So I am blogging my thoughts so I can always remember what to be grateful for someday if, I ever have the chance to have these things.

Grateful for SOMEDAY!
-A NORMAL bed that I don't have to put up and take down every single day- fold sheets and blankets, take off and put back on cushions pull out and put back in, (i.e. couch bed).
-A kitchen that is more than barely two people wide and two people plus a high chair long!
-A store that carries EVERYTHING close by that I don't have to rent a car to get to.
-A drive way, where I can park and take my groceries right inside my house.
- A back yard, which means emediate access to more space and the semi fresh air.
- A play room- where it is ok for toys to be left out because it is not your living room, your bed room, and play room.
- More counter space.
- Room for a normal kitchen table that fits more than two people.
- A day care at my gym that doesn't cost a fortune.
-Customer Service- even when you are not paying ridiculous amounts for it.
- Wind that doesn't bite your face off when it blows because it is SO cold.
-Silence- instead of constant horn honking, siren blowing, and snow plowing noises while trying to sleep.

Things I am grateful for TODAY!
- Having stores, restaurants right out side my door.
- Central Park
-Awesome architecture
-Funny accents
- The lights from Times Square
-Energy from the city
-WHOLE FOODS so CLOSE- I love this place!
- Shopping- especially Zara
-delivery- food, groceries, basically everything
-New places to explore
-A couch bed-even though I hate making it and putting it away twice a day!
-I robot vacuum- finally my floors are clean!
-Florida- instant sunshine just a two hour flight away!
-My gym, even though there is no day care.
-Scott's 10 minute commute to/from work.
-My windows- they allow me access to the world when I can't go outside because it is too cold or Zoe is sick. Seriously they have saved my life this week.
-The sun, whom I hardly ever see this time of year because winter lasts SO long
-The Natural History Museum- where a quick trip is so doable
-Trees- that give us some fresh air.
- The clock and temperature gage on top of the building right across the street from me.
-Access to food and things all around the world.
-Time Out and Time Out Kids magazine- to know what is going on in the city.