Friday, July 29, 2011

My great BIG family!

Zoe and Ryan

Zoe loved her cousin Ryan! They are 3 days apart. He is a cute shy little guy. Zoe tends to be VERY LOVING to him! We stayed with my sister and her kids (Ryan's mom) for a couple of days in SLC.

May- Zoe's birthday in Salt Lake City!

Zoe turned Two while we were in SLC on May 12th. She had a princess and prince party! My sister Kimberly and I threw the party for Zoe and her cousin Ryan who are just 3 days apart. Zoe wore a Princess Rapunzel dress with a purple crown, she loved it! We had all her cousins and some friends over. We had a princess cake and cupcakes with pizza. The kids made their own prince and princess crowns and then we all played games. We had SO much fun! Zoe had a blast!! I can't believe she is this old! Wow time flies. Scott's parents came down for the Zoe's Celebration! We decorated with lots of balloons and fun princess and prince party favors!

Zoe turned Two while we were in SLC in May. She had a princess and prince party! My sister

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

April Fun

One day in April Scott came with us to the play ground! Zoe had so much fun even though it had just rained. She loves her Daddy. He is SO much fun!

Bronx Zoo!
This year we did a coop preschool with some of the mom's in my ward. Zoe LOVED it! One of the days I hosted I had the letter V and the number 3. So I busted out my dusty violin and played it for the kids. We had a great time. I am embarrassed to say I haven't played it in a while but the kids didn't seem to notice!

Catching up-April 2011

Spring had sprung in NYC! There is no better feeling than seeing the leaves and the flowers start forming after what seemed like a never ending winter. Spring and Summer are the best in the city. Zoe and I took some pictures one day in April in Columbus Circle, just 2 blocks from our Apartment. She ran wild on the little island circled by zooming cars. It was nice to see some color amongst the greyness of winter.
EASTER EGG HUNT! As you can see Zoe had a blast at our play group's Easter egg hunt. Everyone brought eggs and goodies and we hid the eggs and had a egg hunt for the little kids and an egg hunt for the big kids. Zoe came home with tons of eggs filled with candy and goodies.
She was really good at finding the eggs! She filled a big basket full of them.
We had a great Easter of our own on Easter Sunday. Zoe woke up to a basket full of books and little toys. We had a little Easter egg hunt in the morning in our living room. The first egg she found she opened it and found candy! It took some prompting to get her to continue gathering the other eggs because she just wanted to eat all the candy as fast as she could! We had a nice dinner with our friends after church.