Sunday, October 10, 2010

Library, "Dama", Fish Bowl

Zoe LOVES books! We went to the library one day and all the baby books were neatly lined up on this big long ledge. Zoe immediately went and started taking down all the books so fast I couldn't keep up with her. After she was done, she sat and "read" as many as she could before it was time to go. It was definitely heaven for her. If you put her in a room with toys and books, she will go straight to the books, she loves looking at the pictures, pointing out the animals and things she knows. She will also do the actions for example if there are characters waving, she will wave. It is hilarious. She has played with her books so much, I am afraid we will have to get all new ones for the next kid!

Grandma and Grandpa Thomas came out to visit us and watch Zoe while we went to Barbados, in September. She LOVED having them there to play with. She got their undivided attention ALL day. She did lots of fun things with them. This is the three of them at the Central Park Zoo. She learned to say "Dama" Grandma and "Papa" Grandpa!
This is our little sweet heart in the CUTE skirt my friend Katie made for Zoe for her first birthday! It is adorable Katie, thanks!!
Fish Bowel?? So one day I was busy doing something and I noticed that Zoe was playing a little too quiet. I went to my room to check on her and she was in the bathroom taking her fish bath toys and putting them in the toilet! GROSSS! I guess she thought fish shouldn't be out of water, and that they needed a new home! Well they got a new home that is for sure, it was called the garbage!

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