Monday, September 13, 2010

Oregon July 2010- Cannon Beach

Our first real vacation of the summer was in Oregon. After a very long over night flight (which I thought would never end), we made it! We met Scott's parents there. Cannon Beach was the first beach we went to when we got to Oregon. It was BEAUTIFUL!! SO dramatic, scenery I had never seen before. Big rocks jetting out of the sand with steep rocky cliffs rising from the sand with lush green forest. Zoe had a blast running along the very wide beach. She had just learned how to walk and was loving her freedom there on the beach. We met Scott's parents in Oregon who had driven up from SLC. This was the beginning of our GREAT Oregon adventure!

Coney Island June 2010

We took the train out to Coney Island in June with some friends. It was super fun. Good old Coney Island, it is definitely a place to people watch that is for sure!! We had a great time though just hanging out on the beach and walking on the boardwalk (dragging all our beach gear!) Coney Island has actually been cleaned up quite a bit, there is rides for kids and the old faris wheel that I think has been there for years and years (hopefully they have updated it yikes!). Needless to say we did not go on that ride! Anyway it was super fun to just jump on the subway and step out on to the beach. Zoe had a blast playing in the stand and eating messy strawberries. The water temp was nice (although I didn't get in too far for fear of what was in the water) but, it was nice way to cool off from the heat.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

June 2010

The weather was beautiful in June, in New York City. We had so much fun taking Zoe to Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. We got her a little baby stroller that she loved to push it, this helped her learn to walk.
On June 22nd, Zoe took her first steps!!
Scott worked ALOT this month, so we took advantage of every minute we had with him.
Zoe's hair has grown so much, it was crazy after her bath one night so we had to take a picture!