Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mommy life in the City

So Zoe turned 5 months yesterday and I just wanted to blog about what my life is like now that I am a mom. So here it goes... My day starts early, sometimes REALLY early but I am always greeted with a huge smile! When Zoe wakes up she just plays in her crib until one of us gets her out. She is such a sweet heart. We have started solids, it is hilarious to watch her try the new foods. I have to remember that EVERYTHING is new to her and takes some getting used to. She makes funny faces when she tries new foods and textures, it is a crack up. SO far we have tried rice cereal, avocados, butternut squash, bananas, and beans. She LOVES bananas, she gobbles them right up. I recently read an article written by a pediatrician who said to introduce your baby to as many fruits and veggies as possible with in the "window" of opportunity meaning 4-6 months. That way babies will be more likely to eat their vegetables and fruits because they have been exposed to them at an early age.
Anyway, Zoe loves her new play yard, she does her baby calls which is high pitched screeches (cute of course), in it as she shakes the rattles and animals that hang above her. She also LOVES the Johnny Jumper, (thanks Kristina) she bounces in it really well. She is almost sitting up all by herself now with an occasional tip to the left or right. She also loves my jewelry, woman after my own heart! She is a true girl. She loves my silver watch and she has recently discovered my earrings. She will watch them as I change her diaper and then grab at them when I hold her.
I have had fun going to my playgroups with my friends in my ward. They are so fun, we meet weekly at different places in the city and just hang out. It is nice to chat with other moms. I have discovered that being a mom is a hard job, by the end of the day I am super tired but, I love it and look forward to it everyday.
Just to give you all a snap shot of my day cause I always wondered what moms do during the day with ALL THAT TIME!!! HA HA HA Now I am saying where did my day go? I don't even have a second to sit down.
Wake up around 7am by noises from the other side of my room, Zoe is so chatty in the morning!
Change, dress and feed Zoe solids and then play.
Nap time for Zoe- This is my time to work out- when it is warm out I will take her for a run in the park but lately I have been doing my work out videos with my new weight set!
Wake up and go for a run if I didn't already or go to playgroup or run errands.
NAP time again- take care of things and CLEAN- wow I swear things are never stay clean!
Wake up- GO OUT, run my long errands- grocery, shopping etc. (mind you, I walk everywhere with my big stroller, but I love it and thankfully Zoe doesn't mind it either).
Come home feed Zoe solids, bath, feed and sleep meanwhile cook dinner!
WOW, sounds exciting huh. Well it actually keeps me super busy and I love it. Some days I get discouraged cause I don't get everything done or I am exhausted from getting up at night with Zoe but most days I am loving it. So there you have it a day in my life.


keri and taylor said...

I love this post b/c I can so relate. I always look back on my day and think...what did I do all day, but I am SO busy! I guess between pumping, feeding 2 babies, changing/ diapering, cleaning and cooking dinner it's a full days work. Who would have thought this would be our life a year ago and I LOVE it!!! Love you and happy 5 months to your sweet Zoe!

DanceNplay said...

Marylynn! You are so so so cute!!! Motherhood is an around the clock job huh! It's alot of work and it's funny some people's misconceptions that we sit around at home, eating bon-bons! lol. How do you carry all of your groceries??!! lol. I love you guys. You are still my favorite Cousin. ;) I want to go out and visit you girls. :) I love reading you mom adventures! love you! xoxoxo