Saturday, October 31, 2009


Zoe and I had our one day of NEW YORK FAME with our picture taken and printed in the Daily News on Sunday Oct. 24th! We were out in Central Park at the pumpkin festival and the photographer came up to me and my pretty little pirate and started shooting. The title of the picture was " Walk the Park, not the PLANK" The bottom of the picture says, " MaryLynn Thomas holds 6 month Zoe, who donned a pirate outfit for yesterday's annual pumpkin festival in Central Park." The picture if you can tell, is actually an entire half a page!

I actually forgot all about the photographer until my door man told me that following Monday that he saw Zoe and I in the paper! So of course I ran to every news stand I could find to try to get a copy. I found myself on a wild goose chase to find yesterday's Daily News, which is apparently really hard in a city that lives a mile a minute! Needless to say I found a copy and bought it after begging the store owner to sell his only Sunday paper to me and not the guy who had just called on the phone asking him to hold it for him. ( He actually called the guy and told him the story and the guy who wanted the paper conceded).

I guess whether we like it or not, we are officially real New Yorkers! Not only are we stopped by tourists on the street and asked directions in a city that can be an absolute maze for new comers, but we are photographed and printed in New York's Daily News!


Granum Family said...

I can't believe how huge the picture actually was! You guys are famous ;)

scott and lindsey said...

how cool is this!!!