Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just us!

So I was taking pictures of Zoe in Central Park and I guess I looked like I did not know what I was doing because two different people came and asked me if I wanted them to take our picture! One of the people ended up being a photographer!! Yeah I know, he probably felt bad for me, down in the dirt and all trying to get a good shot! Anyway, so he took our picture, I wish I had on a better outfit! He actually took some really good ones of Zoe, which I will post later.

Zoe is almost 6 months! We had a fun outing today, we rode the subway down to the lower East side with some friends and went to a Doughnut Plant. It makes really really good doughnuts! They are definitely not in my diet, or not supposed to be, but I thought gosh with all the effort (packing my back pack diaper bag, getting the baby bjorn situated, getting my self and Zoe ready) I put in to getting down there I gotta have at least one. So anyway we had a lot of fun and a lot of sugar, hey when in Rome right!

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James.Megan.Ava said...

She is so cute!!! I totally think you deserved a donut, after all the effort. I actually saw that donut shop on Bobby Flay and have been dying to try one ever since. Better go have another for me.