Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miami March 2011

Katie and Jeff had a play ground on their Island they lived on. Zoe loved playing at the playground. She also loved the water fountain that she could run through. It was one of those ones that turns on and off. One time she was running across and it came on right when she was in the middle! She froze and then ran as fast as she can to get out of the flow, it was hilarious!
Buddies! Baby Izzy made a HUGE impression on Zoe. She still (months later) asks about Baby Izzy. She asks me where she is and then mumbles stuff I can't understand. She also named her "build a bear" doggy Baby Izzy Dog! She LOVES baby Izzy!
Zoe was in heaven at the beach! She loved playing in the sand and running in the water. We also found jelly fish which she loved touching. She still asks if she can go to the beach!
We got to feed the giraffes at the Miami Zoo!! It was Amazing! The Miami Zoo was AMAZING! It is my favorite Zoo yet. Zoe even grabbed some lettuce and fed them herself!
Ritz Carlton in Miami- we spent the day there and it was beautiful.
Miami had so many cool out door shopping and restaurant places. This was one of them, it was fun to walk down and see the shops.
Miami Beach
Miami Zoo

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