Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Zoe has been loving to play hide and seek. She runs and hides and says "I see you dadda, I see you mama." Actually she says "I see you", to lots of things she sees now. Anyway tonight before bed we looked out the window to find the moon, I told her it was too foggy to see the moon tonight. And she looked out the window and said, "I see you foggy."
Zoe loves animals- all animals, at night she will name as many animals as she can and ask me if they are sleeping- as if to make sure all the animals are going to sleep the same time she is. Of course I have to repeat every animal and tell her that they are all going to sleep.
Zoe; "Frogs seeping?"
MaryLynn; "Yes Zoe the Frogs are going to sleep"
Zoe, " Zebras seeping?"
ML: "Yes Zoe, the Zebras are going to sleep"
Zoe, " Dinosaurs seeping?"
ML: "Um, well yes they have been sleeping for a long time"
Zoe, smiles in satisfaction and goes to sleep.
And lastly, because of the song I sing to her about the monkey's in the trees, every time we go outside in the park she looks up at the trees and asks for the monkeys. "Monkeys??" Where are the monkey's why are they not in the trees like the song says??? I just smile and tell her it is too cold for the monkeys to be in the trees!

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scott and lindsey said...

that is so cute!! I can't believe how big she is getting and understanding! crazy! love it.