Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No glasses!!

So after I took Zoe to the doctor for the first time about her eyes I just didn't feel settled about what they told me. As I talked to others who had the same problem as Zoe does, and did my own research, it just didn't seem right to just put glasses on her and call her good. How did that fix her eye that had gone a little lazy? I still had so many questions. So I took her to another eye doctor who could answer my questions as give me alternative options. Anyway the doctor I took her to was excellent. He told me that Zoe has 2 different size eyes she was born with and one of two things will happen. 1. She will grow and her eye balls will grow and she will grow out of it, she will no longer need glasses or have issues, but that is not anything that we did to help her, her eyes will just grow to the normal size. But we won't know if that will happen, that will take time. In the mean time we have to correct her vision. Option 2. We correct the vision problem in her right eye now by using a contact lens, instead of glasses. Then we put a patch or blurring drops in the good eye to teach her brain to use her right eye. We use the contact lens because it is easier on her and only one eye needs correction. SO probably no glasses.


keri and taylor said...

glasses would be so hard for a little kid b/c they would always break and get lost so I'm glad you have another option :)

Angelique said...

Wow,that is great news! We are still praying for Zoe.

Jen Richards said...

that is so great to hear marylynn! i never noticed anything about zoe's eyes other than the fact that they are big and gorgeous! i miss you guys so so much!!! come visit me!!