Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Vacation

So we got to go to Salt Lake for Christmas and the New Year and it SO good to see everyone however we had a whole bunch of sickness! About 3 days into our stay, Zoe got really sick with a double ear infection and a respiratory virus. We visited the doctors office as well as the emergency on Christmas Day. She had a temp of 105 and was very lethargic, this was terrifying. This lasted for about a week in a half but soon after she started feeling better I got a cold and then Scott ended up with the flu for his final days in Salt Lake. Needless to say, this trip was full of sickness.
So why is it that every time we come to SL we always get sick?? I don't know but I will tell you this, I am sure sick of it! We are seriously considering making our Christmas visit in the summer!
The time we were able to spend with family and friends we had a great time. So thank you all for making the time to hang out with us!
I will post some pictures but we didn't take too many because Zoe was sick.
Back in NYC now. Sorta of a bummer to be away from family and friends but good to be back in my own pad. Hopefully this new year will bring a whole bunch of change for us like 2009 did. Looking back on 2009 we definitely had some highlights. Some of which include:
  • March- Trip to Europe: Italy, France, Spain- with our great friends Travis, Melanie, Katie and Jeff
  • May: Zoe Kate's birth: May 12th 2009
  • July: Kristina and Katie's trip to NYC
  • Aug: Zoe's first trip to SLC
  • September: MaryLynn is a full time mom!- WHAT A CHANGE!!!
  • October- Zoe's first Halloween- Zoe's picture in the Daily News
  • November- creation of the non-profit organization Team Taji- School supplies for Iraqi kids
  • December- Trip to Salt Lake to see family
I am sure grateful for my little family, nothing makes me happier than being with them! I hope this year brings more happiness as 2009 did. Now I just gotta get on my goals!!!

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Beth said...

Nice blog. Glad to know that you had a great time on Christmas but away from home. At Christmas, all roads lead home. It was nice going through your blog.