Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So after I recorded this video I realized that my camera only takes video horizontally so whoops! O WELL, it was a cute video. Zoe loves the Swings in Central Park! She just laughs when she gets in them. We try to go to the swings as much as possible before the weather gets too cold. We have been enjoying the beautiful colors of Fall in Central Park.

So this week I taught Zoe how to say MA MA. I would just say MA MA to her right up by her face and she would study my mouth and look at me and put her lips together and the other day she just started saying it! It was so cute! I also got her to laugh historically today. And of course the only way she does it is when I make a complete fool out of my self. I got on all fours and pretended to be a barking and howling dog. She thought it was SO funny. Then I made my voice sound like cookie monster and she laughed and laughed again. I guess something about her mommy (who usually has a very high pitched voice) all of the sudden having this deep raspy voice is just hilarious to her. Sometimes I wonder if she understands more than I know because she laughs at me when I am clearly making a fool out of my self!
Another thing that happened today was when I was changing her diaper, I was holding her leg and all of the sudden she just starting giggling. I looked at her and was like "what" and I realized I was holding her thigh right above the knee where it tickles on most people. So I continued to tickle her and she just laughed and laughed! It was so cute.

Zoe is sitting up all by her self now. She is pretty good at it. She started doing it a couple of weeks ago but has progressively gotten better. Occasionally now she will fall forward on to her tummy or back but not too often anymore.
She is growing up SO FAST. I wish I could show her to my family more often who all live SO far away. I know they would just love her as I do. She is at a really fun age. We have SO much fun together. Scott wishes he could see her more, I feel sad he is unable to see her as much as he would like to. I am lucky though to be home with her and have a husband that supports us. I have come to the conclusion that being a mom is the coolest job! It definitely is work AT ALL HOURS DAY OR NIGHT, but it is so fun.


Little Raz said...

So cute! i love those sweet baby smiles and laughs! Enjoy! They grow so fast! Love you guys! Katie

James.Megan.Ava said...

She's so cute. I think they just keep getting more fun as they get older. I know what you mean about family being able to see them grow up. That's why we have these blogs, to keep them updated.

Kirsten and Steve said...

haha...I have totally done that exact same thing with the video--more than once!!! What a cutie. I will miss you guys!