Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We love our NYC APT!

To the left is the veiw from our front room window. It looks up Broadway into Time Square!! New Years was awesome last year.

This is what the view from our roof deck looks like. We have fallen in LOVE with Central Park! It is our place of solace! The trees are very green now, but soon to change!

The beautiful sunsets of the NYC are the tapestries of our window that faces west. We are so lucky! We had to snap a picture of this one, it was breathtaking. Of coarse pictures never do our views justice.


Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...

Oh Man! I wish we could come back one more time. It was this time of year... last year when we were chillin with you guys in the big NYC. We miss it! That was fun. Your view is incredible!!! We miss you and hope you're having fun!
Love ya!

Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...
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Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...
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Bryan said...

We need to come back, it was so great. maybe in the spring.

Mindi said...

Nice to see you are back to updating the blog... :) I was beginning to wonder about you guys. I'm jealous of your travels... it looked incredible!

So are you hosting a New Year's Eve party this year? We'll be in town! :)

Take care! Glad to hear you are doing well.

phillup and mandy said...'s mandy (knaphus) I just saw your blog and thought I would say hi. How fun that you are in New York. I'm so jealous! My mom said she saw you at church ages ago and I sure hope you are doing well! Hope to stay in touch!