Monday, September 10, 2007

Loven Big City Life!

We have lived in New York City now for 2 years! WOW CRAZY!! Scott and I are having SO much fun. Scott is pretty much used to working 12 hour days now but ever since passing the 2nd CFA Exam, those 12 hour days don't seem that bad anymore. I am having fun at my job doing pharmaceutical sales. I have loved getting to know the city and tasting of some of New Yorks finest restaurants!

Scott and I recently went back to SLC to visit family and to attend a wedding. These are all my cute nieces and nephews!

Here is Scott and his sister and his cute niece and nephew.

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DanceNplay said...

haha! what a contrast between yours and Scott's fam!! Who's house were you at with all of the kiddies??